Hand Embellished Prints - An Extension of my Cross Disciplinary Artwork

The idea of prints originated from my works on paper. The images I choose represent a section of a particular work. This approach expands my narrative, making my work more accessible. I treat each print as a unique piece, meticulously hand-embellished to add a personal touch. Each image has a limited run of five prints.

This is my second series of prints and is from the 'Locale Series' that is currently on view at the Marc Straus Gallery, NYC from October 8. Each print represents a section of a locale that is currently on view at my solo show.

I have emphasized on high quality and attention to detail, which distinguishes them from mass-produced prints. The prints are produced locally in New York City by Laumont Photographics. Each piece is uniquely hand-embellished with thread and archival glue. I sign every print personally; meticulously packed, they are available for shipping worldwide.

It is a thrilling journey for me to express my story of material, thread, and oil process through these beautiful prints.